Product Photography

Product Photographer based in Buckinghamshire.

Product photography is perhaps one of the more complex services I offer. The subject can’t listen to your cues and turn slightly to an angle, or hold itself in a particular way – It is all down to me and how I choose to shoot it. The most important aspects such as the position and angle the product is at, as well as the lighting levels, all have to be carefully calculated for each shot in order to present the product in a premium way.

Product photography isn’t just about taking a quick snap of the product and moving on to the next. It is all about continuity, especially when shooting multiple products within the same range. All should look the same size (where relevant), be in the same position, at the right angle, have the same amount of light in the picture, and so on.

Post shoot, each product image will require beautifying and re-touching, adding shine and a clean look to each image. This is done digitally using software such as Photoshop and my professional retouching skills will ensure your product photograph does the selling for you.

I have extensive experience photographing various products for different companies, and I believe that my attention to detail; the right lens, lighting, angle, is what makes my product photography stand out.

If you have a range of products which require photographing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.